July 12, 2024

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Why is investing in tanning water a great decision? – Scout For Fashion

Fake tanning products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Self-tan mousse, foam, gel, sprays, moisturisers, and more are available. While they can all make you appear like you’ve just returned from a week in the Maldives (you know which one we prefer), none of them can do as much for your skin as water. The Alpha Tan Co tanning water may be the new kid on the block, but it has a slew of game-changing features. It’s a face-tanning water that has a slew of skincare benefits.

Gone are the days when you’d apply a conventional fake tanner to your face only to end up with clogged pores and a terrible breakout right before a girls night out. You can customise the depth of your tan using a face tan water. It can be used once a day or twice a week until the desired colour is achieved. With the help of its super power components, the water will leave your skin feeling highly hydrated while also giving you the most perfect Hayley Bieber-like complexion.

What makes tanning water superior to any other face product?

A good Face Tanning Water creates an incredibly hydrating tan for you; it’s H20 with a hint of radiance. There are no breakouts or blocked pores in sight, and it’s a skincare wonder in the fake tanning world, developed especially for the face, neck, and décolletage. Because fake tanning isn’t designed to be a chore, the rapid drying water has no obvious colour guide, so it won’t transfer on that beautiful clothing you bought for the weekend or your clean bedding. 

Unlike a regular tanner, the Alpha Tan Co tanning water is loaded with nutrients that are good for your skin. Sodium Hyaluronate (produced from hyaluronic acid) for strong moisturisation while smoothing fine wrinkles and improving the skin’s texture and tone, as well as Jojoba Seed Oil to minimise redness and irritations. 

The Alpha Tan Co tanning water contains good amount of organic tanning elements and has been shown to brighten the skin. This tanning water contains colour-correcting elements that balance out skin tone and give a streak-free, natural glow when misted over the skin in seconds.

This vitamin-infused Self-Tanning Water is full of skin-loving nutrients and will help you hydrate and tan. Choose a light, medium, or dark tone match and personalise your result with the power of time for the most beautiful tan you’ve ever had.

Wait 1-4 hours depending on your desired end result for a spectrum of hues from just one bottle. Then, in the shower, rinse off. The multi-purpose product can be used on both the face and the body.

What are the skin benefits of a face tan water?

The Alpha Tan Co tanning water is a cutting-edge beauty product that blends the best of fake tan and skincare into one all-in-one solution. The vegan tanning water will not only prevent you from looking pale, but it will also treat acne, relieve redness, and even smooth fine wrinkles while improving texture and tone. Throw away your toner, beauties; this ultra-hydrating Face Tan Water will take care of everything. It’s the fake tanning combination to beat, together with our Self-Tanning Mousse. The Alpha Tan Co tanning collection is for you if you want something that is 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free, and naturally derived.