July 17, 2024

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These tips are of interest to you if you wear prescription glasses

If you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you wear glasses and you’re interested in knowing how to take care of your prescription glasses, right? Here are some tips that will help you preserve the life of your glasses and make your life easier. 

Wash your prescription eyeglasses

Although eyeglasses have become popular, belonging to the four-eye group is not easy. Basically because prescription eyeglasses tend to fog up or get dirty easily. 

In such cases, we recommend cleaning your glasses frequently. To do so, use shaving cream, dishwashing liquid or simply cold water with neutral soap. These methods result in a protective coating on the glass that prevents fogging.

In case you use a liquid dishwasher, avoid those containing vinegar, alcohol, ammonia or bleach. Likewise, avoid washing them with lukewarm water. Both heat and abrasive substances take the shine off the lenses and destroy the coating of the lenses.

Dry lenses with the appropriate fabric 

In addition to washing, drying is also important. If any moisture remains on your glasses, you can dry them with microfiber, cotton cloths or even toilet paper. 

These materials make it easier to maintain the surface of the lenses and prevent them from accumulating dirt. On the other hand, avoid using dirty cloths and coarse cloths (such as shirt or trouser cloths), as they can scratch your lenses. 

However, if you are away from home, use wet towels or chamois cloth to clean your prescription glasses. This will prevent the lenses from fogging up and clouding your vision.

Remove scratches from your crystals with toothpaste 

If by bad luck your lenses are scratched, try removing the scratches with classic toothpaste, i.e. without gel or whitener. Simply put some paste on a cotton ball and apply on the lenses for 10 seconds and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Be careful how you remove your glasses

Although removing your glasses with one hand is a spontaneous action, it is not a good option. Basically, because it means that the glasses end up getting out of place. 

For example, the rod opposite to the good hand can stretch, causing the glasses to become loose and the glass ends up sticking to our eye. As a result, our vision will become blurred and it could be counterproductive if we have to drive.

So what’s the best option? Simply use both hands to remove your prescription eyeglasses. That will allow you to keep them aligned and in good condition for a long time. 

Glasses are not an ornament for your head

Just as you should take care of the way you remove your glasses, avoid wearing them as a headband. Glasses are not an ornament for your hair! If you do, the frame will get out of place, stretch and end up sliding down your face.

If you need to wash your face or just don’t want to wear them, take them off and put them in a safe place. 

Avoid high temperatures

Heat causes the frame, hinges and coating of the lenses to break down. Therefore, it is advisable not to expose them to high temperatures. This means not placing them on the car dashboard, radiator, in direct sunlight or near a heat source. 

The best option is to store your glasses in a special compartment or in a case, i.e. in a cool place. And, in the hottest times of the year you can opt for sunglasses. 

Vooglam Gwins are a good choice. These glasses are unisex, very flirty and fit your face. In fact, the brand has a web portal that allows you to upload a photo of your face and try on the lenses. 

That will allow you to select the glasses that best suit your style and face type. In addition, you can buy them from the comfort of your home, office or any other place without having to go to an optician’s shop. 

Be careful of the rain 

When we say beware of the rain, we don’t mean that you can’t get wet, but that you should protect your face. On rainy days, moisture fogs up the lenses in a matter of seconds, causing you to see blurry. 

To counteract this effect, try to wear raincoats, hats, visors, umbrellas or any other material that will protect you from rain showers. 

Straighten your glasses with the help of a table

If for certain reasons your glasses don’t fit your face properly, don’t worry! Straighten them with the help of a flat table. Simply place them on it and measure the straightness and symmetry of their sides. 

Then, adjust inward or outward according to your needs. Now, if your glasses are made of plastic, adjust very carefully to avoid breakage. 

If necessary, you can heat the rods with hot water for a few seconds, so that the plastic softens. This will allow you to handle them better. 

Don’t let your glasses slide down your nose

Usually, eyeglasses tend to slide down our noses. However, we can avoid this. Just place eye shadow on the bridge of your nose (regardless of your gender) and this will be a problem of the past. 

If you don’t like that option try applying beeswax to the pads or bridge of your glasses. In case you try both methods and the glasses continue to slip, use your thumbs to adjust the nose pads at the same time.

Now, if this problem becomes recurrent, you can change glasses. Fortunately, Vooglam has a variety of prescription glasses online at great prices. Like the Delia, for example, these are functional, quite economical and very nice, so be sure to choose your favorite!

A life with low vision is very difficult, glasses are not always well received but if we choose the right model we can look quite stylish. So, for those who wear prescription glasses out of necessity and not for fashion, these tips are very useful.