October 2, 2023

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Sports personalities that enjoy playing blackjack

As one of the oldest yet most popular casino games around, blackjack is one of the most widely played games, both in brick and mortar casinos and online. As a strategic game, it attracts many characters and professional casino players, some who have even managed to make careers out of playing blackjack.

Yet, the rise in online casinos has meant that games like blackjack have become more accessible to everyday players across the world. In fact, we’re now seeing more first time players getting stuck into the game than ever before as mobile and online blackjack enables people to learn, practice and play against others from the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Interestingly, the game of blackjack is also popular with a range of well known sports personalities who are regularly seen playing and competing in high stakes games. Below, we’ll take a look at some of these sports personalities who enjoy playing blackjack. 

Wayne Rooney

Known as one of the most legendary English football players, Wayne Rooney currently plays for Manchester United and England. Rooney is considered as one of the strongest players in the English Premier League, in which he’s scored over 200 goals for Manchester United and Everton throughout his career. 

In addition to his famous football career, Rooney is well-known for being a blackjack fan in which he’s been spotted wagering huge bets at the Manchester casino. It’s been reported that Rooney has been known to wager over $500,000 in just a two hour period, showing he’s not shy when it comes to raising the stakes. It’s also reported he’s a big fan of roulette too. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr

As a world famous wrestler, Floyd Mayweather Jr is best known for his undefeated 49-0 record and has been coined the best boxer of his generation. While the now mainly retired Mayweather Jr may have left the boxing ring behind, today’s he’s known as a world-class boxing promoter.

Yet, that’s not all he’s known for. With a notoriously big personality, it’s known that Mayweather Jr enjoys splashing his cash, in which he has assets worth over $90 million. Mayweather Jr can often be seen in the likes of Vegas and Miami where he raises the stakes to a jaw dropping degree.

Enticed by the thrill of the high stakes game, Mayweather Jr has been known to bet more than $5.9 million. While this is more than many of us could ever dream of, it’s simply a drop in the ocean of wealth that Mayweather Jr has accumulated from his long time professional boxing career.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the most well-known and respected golfers in the world. Beginning his career in 1997, he became the youngest man and the first African-American to win the US Masters. As one of the first billion dollar sportsmen, Woods is also known to indulge in a little luxury quite often. 

Woods is frequently seen at the likes of MGM Grand Resort and Bellagio where he indulges in some pretty high stakes blackjack games. While he gets VIP treatment at these venues, it isn’t surprising considering his average spend is around $4 million dollars. 

 Michael Jordan

Basketball NBA legend, Michael Jordan is well known for his skills on the basketball court, yet he’s also known for some serious skills in the casino too. As a frequent visitor of Atlantic city, Jordan is known to place significantly high bets since his retirement from basketball.

Fans believe Jordan is enticed by the same winning feeling Jordan achieved on the court, in which he now gets his thrills from betting in high stakes of $165,000 or more. Like many lackjack players, Jordan is drawn in by the thrill of the game and the highs that come with winning. 

Not to mention, as basketball is also a strategic game, Jordan is able to continue playing a game where he has to think on his feet and form a great strategy, perhaps bringing some nostalgia from his basketball days. 

John Daily

As another legendary professional golfer, John Daily led a multi-million dollar career, but he’s also known to be a big casino fan. Daily has mentioned his favourite casino games to get involved in are online slots and blackjack, however he’s lost huge sums as well as making some wins. 

In his autobiography, Daily mentions he’s lost as much as $55 million in the two decades that he’s been gambling. 

Overall, similarly to sports, the game of blackjack comes with the highs and lows of the game. By forming a great strategy and dedicating themselves to the craft, these sports stars have shown how to make some big wins.