February 20, 2024

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Making The Right Use Of Continuing Education For A Good Career


Education is crucial for any kind of electrical work. To start a successful career in the electrical trade, it is important to get a high school degree or course equivalent to the same. Further, the person can also take pre-apprenticeship training in some technical school or five-year apprenticeship program. Also, there is one approach that can be considered which is electrical continuing education. Talking about continuing education there are different approaches and many trends and for all the crucial factor is time. As the individual starts settling in the career, the focus is more on doing what the desire had always been to do. There are different licenses to practice the ideas and the same goes for electrical education as well.

The pattern of continuing education:

Considering the hectic lifestyle that every individual is living these days, there is no doubt that many start at an early age to start with their living. There are different courses that can be taken during the previous cycle and for electrical continuing education, the format is the same. In order to get the credit, such courses should be done. Besides, there are electricians who wait till the last moment to finish their education and thus lessen their time to finish the classes. Often they opt for an online course to finish such a course.

How does the electrical continuing education work:

l The working of electrical continuing education is no different than any other continuing education. But it is important for the student to have clarity about the program. Such apprenticeships include certain intensive programs in which hundreds or thousands of hours of coursework needs to be given. If the course location is nearby then hands-on experience is important too.

l It is important to understand the requirement that the state has set since it varies as per every state. Suppose in South Dakota, the electricians need to be present for at least 8000 hours for getting on the job experience and further, they can clear the exam to get the license. In the case of working as a contractor, it requires 4000 hours with a passing grade in the contractor examination to become an electrician.

l Even if the log hours are finished, the candidate’s job does not end there. Even after getting the master or journeyman electrician license, it is important to ensure the license is renewed and the working hours are also continued.

l There are also continuing education houses associated with the code changes that have been set to the national electrical code. This is a national standard that has been designed for a safe electrical design that 50 states have adopted. Besides, it gets updated every three years.

l Along with learning the changes in the code, it is important to also go through the industrial best practices and review them well enough to understand the electrical safety process.


The best part is classes are approved by the government but there can also be a drawback like lack of hands-on training which can be needed. While considering this option, the student must consider both negative and positive aspects associated with it.