October 2, 2023

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7 Tips to Hit the BaseBall Harder

Intro: Baseball is a game of inches. Just ask any player or coach, and they will tell you that the slightest variation in how hard you hit the ball or where you hit it can mean the difference between getting on base and striking out. As a player, you want to hit the ball hard. It’s exhilarating and makes everyone watching take notice. You want to be the one who clears the bases and brings your team home. But how do you do that? With just a bit of practice, you can improve your batting skills and send those balls sailing over the fence. Here are some tips to help you hit baseball harder.

1. Warm-up before playing: 

Before you start playing, warm up your muscles. It loosens them up and gets the blood flowing so that you can play harder without worrying about getting injured. Before you even step into the batter’s box, you want to start with a good warm-up. Jumping jacks are entertaining and help get your mind off of hitting so hard, but most importantly, it gets your muscles ready for exertion. 

Go through a few different stretches for about five minutes before entering the field or court so that you don’t get hurt playing. It is essential to give your muscles and joints a warm-up before playing. A few jumping jacks, arm circles, and some light sprinting will do the trick. It will make it easier for your body to move through the motions of batting and be able to hit that ball harder than ever.

2. Choose your bat wisely: 

Your choice of bat can either help or hinder your game. A heavy bat is suitable for power hitters but looks for something lighter with a big barrel if you are starting. The larger the barrel, the more area there is to hit the ball and make it farther. Lightweight aluminum alloy bats are also ideal for beginners, but it is essential to consider your strength when choosing a bat. You don’t want to put too much strain on your shoulders and arms initially. Find a balance depending on your skill level and physical abilities. Andrew Smith, a baseball and softball expert makes it easy for players by reviewing the latest products on his blog The Bat Nerds so make sure you go through all the reviews before purchasing any baseball equipment.

3. Wear proper batting gloves: 

Gloves are essential for anyone who plays baseball. Not only do they help you grip the bat better, but they also protect your hands from being hit by a flying ball or bat. Batting gloves come in pink “female” versions if you start and want to look stylish while at them. They are not designed to throw off your game a bit, but they will help you get used to holding a bat and swinging it. 

There are different types of batting gloves out there. Look for ones that fit your grip well and give you an extra sting when you hit the ball. The padding in the back will help to cut down on vibrations if you aren’t wearing a cup or other protective gear, but only wear what makes you feel comfortable. These keep your hands dry, which prevents slipping on the bat. Batting gloves will also reduce the sting of hitting the ball off of the bat. It helps you maintain grip and avoid injuries.

4. Use a lighter bat: 

When you start playing, a heavier bat may seem easier to swing. It will be harder to control your swings, and you will drop them more often. It can take away from your game if it happens every time. A lighter bat means better control over where you hit the ball and less chance of injury. You’ll hit those baseballs further if you can maintain your control over the bat. Consider using a lighter bat if you’re a beginning player or want to hit the ball a long way but don’t have much strength. It is crucial that it still feels comfortable in your hands and doesn’t make you tired too quickly from swinging it. The longer the distance of the pitch, the more important this tip becomes.

5. The most important factor is practice: 

Get out there and play as much as possible. Practice makes perfect! If you can’t go outside or get access to a field, throwing or hitting into a net is a great option. It’s essential to have a solid, accurate shot before going outside and playing competitively to avoid injury. Practice makes perfect. When you practice, you are essentially teaching your body how to react in certain situations. It is what will happen when it’s game time, and you’re facing a 90 mph fastball coming right towards your face. It would be best if you did not try to hit the ball while traveling at that speed, but practice hitting balls while they are only traveling at 30 mph. It will help you develop your swing and allow you to get the timing down so that when you do come up against a fastball, you can adjust your swing to make contact with this faster ball. Hitting baseball harder is about committing yourself mentally and physically to hit the ball as hard as possible.

6. Keep your eye on the ball: 

If you’re looking for too long, the ball will seem to become much faster than it is. Keep your eye on it just long enough so that you can see where it’s going and then focus back on the catcher at home plate. This way, you’ll make contact with the ball as early as possible without slowing down or speeding up. It’s essential to keep your eye on the ball until it leaves the pitcher’s hand. If you try to swing before then, you’ll have to adjust the angle of your swing at the last second, which will not help you hit it harder.

7. Work on your stance:

The more open your stance, the easier it will be to hit the ball. If you’re a righty, hold your hands in front of your body and stand with your left leg slightly in front of your right. Your left foot should nudge out a little bit further than your right. Position yourself so that you can see either the pitcher or center field when you swing. If you’re batting lefty, your feet should be at a right angle. One of the most common mistakes that hitters make when they’re trying to hit the ball harder is that they lean back into their stance when the ball is made. Stand in front of a mirror and practice your swing without a bat to fix this. As you do this, see if you’re leaning back onto your heels or even standing up straight. Try to position yourself evenly on both feet, and hitting it hard should be more convenient.


As you can see, hitting a baseball is all about making slight adjustments and using the proper techniques. With a bit of practice, you, too, can start sending those balls over the fence. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start practicing!