February 20, 2024

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5 Must-Have Data Backup Apps for Android!

Data is invaluable in today’s time. This is why backing up your files is one of the first and foremost things you must do with all your electronics. Back up all of your files, whether they are on your phone, tablet, PC, or professional camera. Data loss is everyone’s nightmare and probably the last thing you want to deal with because retrieving it all will take hours and days of your time minus the effort and energy – and in most cases, it’s almost always impossible.

Thankfully, in today’s world, we have tiny little applications to help us with everything. And being an Android user lands you right with the fortunate lot. The Google Play Store has a variety of apps to help you back up all your data without any compromise! You no longer have to carry USBs or cables in your bag pack to create a backup of the data on your phone in your laptop.

We have listed down 5 of our favorite Android backup apps that you must download if you are an Android user! Download these 5 apps with Mediacom internet and never worry about losing your precious data anymore.


Autosync is a platform of MetCtrl-powered backup apps that help you automatically back up and sync your files. When you upload something to Google Drive, Autosync for Google Drive will also automatically upload it to your smartphone, saving you the time and effort to do it separately. The app allows you to set the sync intervals at your convenience and upgrade to an ad-free premium version if you want to upload files greater than 10 MBs. The premium version is also good for you if you wish to sync multiple folders with advanced security and support options!


Sync.com is a powerful backup platform known for its clean and sleek interface and easy-to-use controls. You can back up your files with just 3 taps. It’s that easy! You don’t need to know the ABCs of encryption to be able to use the app. 

Users can pick from a variety of plans based on how much data they have and the amount of storage space they need. The free plan allows you to store up to 5GB of data, but you can always bump up the subscription to the 2000 GB paid plan to store more documents and files on multiple devices.

Create an account on Sync.com and backup all your files, photos, and videos easily. For an added layer of security, add a passcode to your backup that only you can access with your account password. Security and storage – now that’s a sweet deal!

Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile is one of the most dependable backup options. It’s a simple backup app for those who don’t want to deal with a lot of technical features. It can back up a wide range of data, including call logs, system settings, apps, SMS, MMS, and much more. 

Backing up is a lot easier and faster with its clean and clutter-free UI. You might not need to use it a few times due to its limited feature set, but hey, it’s free, so it’s great enough to meet all your basic backup needs without charging you a dime.


IDrive is one of the few solutions with zero-knowledge encryption. You can set your private key to protect your data on IDrive and earn extra security points. It’s an excellent backup app in terms of versatility. It will store anything you want. From call logs and messages to your calendar and media! It keeps your back safe and up to date with a hand-off approach. And the best part? You can retrieve all your data later with only a few taps!


Mega is the perfect app for the photo-hoarder in you. It’s the ultimate cloud storage solution featuring zero-knowledge encryption, secure chat features, extra unlockable space, and 20 GB of free storage. It comes with a built-in chat option that allows you to make video calls or send messages to anyone in your contacts. It’s a perfect pick for those who always want extra space! Make sure you have a fast connection available to use the chat feature. Mediacom packages can help you get the fastest service in your area within your budget!

To Wrap It Up

These 5 backup apps will make your life easier and worry-free. You never have to worry about losing your data to fraud, theft, or damage. Download these apps and back up your data hassle-free!